Christin Bentley

Christin Bentley, M.S. is a Republican activist and Special Education Advocate from Dallas, TX. She holds a clear, Level II, Education Specialist Credential from the State of California and has earned a Master's of Science in Special Education from National University in San Diego, CA. Her career in education began as a Severely Handicapped Teacher in the California Public School system, but she soon realized that the institution of public education was not a system she wanted to work for. Instead, she turned her attention to advocating for the rights of special needs students and their families in order to create individual difference and systemic change. Although her career began in California, she and her family moved back to Texas in the summer of 2019. Christin is a Daughter of the Republic of Texas (non-member). She is glad to be home and fighting for the cause of liberty in order to restore the Republic that her ancestors helped to develop over 150 years ago.

Brian Bodine

Brian Bodine is a Republican activist from Dallas, Texas who has over 12 years of professional experience in a multitude of areas, including grassroots organizing, legislative advocacy, policy analysis, campaign work, and political fundraising. He has previously served as the Chairman of the Texas Young Republican Federation (TYRF), has worked for the Leadership Institute, the US Chamber of Commerce, and the National Center for Policy Analysis. His other interests include metaphysical philosophy, national & homeland security policy, and metal concerts. Brian is currently writing two books.