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Texas Freedom Coalition is a grassroots startup that seeks to organize statewide efforts by focusing on regional and local organizing and mobilizing of everyday Texans; we believe that strengthening each region on a local level, through organization and mobilization, will create a united force and a united message that keeps Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, and—most importantly—Austin—in check. It is what will save our Republic and keep Texas a free state.

It is our fundamental belief that in times of crisis, remaining true to the constitution is the single most important thing that our elected government can do—as protecting our God given rights to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness—will ensure our Republic remains intact for our children and our grandchildren. When we stand for liberty, we stand for ALL people and ALL businesses.

Our Governor did not stand for liberty when he made executive orders that told our small business owners—our common working citizens—that their jobs were no longer essential, that their economic freedom was no longer essential—that their economic health was no longer mattered. These unconstitutional orders acted as the catalyst for Texas Freedom Coalition.

Austin and big city politicians are out of touch with the pulse of most Texans. Because of them, our Republic no longer stands; it is now OUR job to restore it. We know, without a doubt, that we are heading for hard times, and it is critical to prepare for The Impending Crisis. What, We the People, do now will shape the future for generations…we will either be a free republic or a technocracy. It is our mission to pass down a strong Republic to our children and grandchildren. Texans can do this together!

Texas Freedom Coalition is a grassroots organization that stands for personal liberty; we believe in economic freedom, education freedom, privacy rights, parental rights, medical freedom, and religious and spiritual freedom. We believe that the autonomy of mind, body, and spirit is fundamental to a free Republic.


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